Jeans with stripes, trousers with stripes, chinos with stripes, shorts with stripes, joggers with stripes. STRIPES. STRIPES. STRIPES. Side-stripes have been all the rage over the past 5 months or so and while I always thought it was a trend that looked good on other people, I wasn’t so sure I was cool enough to... Continue Reading →


I swear to god January felt like it was never going to end! Thankfully I didn't have the January blues but my lord did it drag! Never the less I found some great new finds towards the end of December which I'm still using all the time now! Check out my YouTube video below to see... Continue Reading →


What's up peopleee?! Holy moly it’s been a hot minute since my last post but all with good reason, not to be extra but I was practically on my death-bed from mid-November until the new year. Being ill meant I barely went out and thus had the luxury of not needing to get dressed properly,... Continue Reading →

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