Do you ever get those weeks where you look at your to-do list and you’re instantly hit with a cloud of anxiety wishing there were 10 of you to help you get yo’ sh*t done?

People always ask me how I stay so positive and ‘smiley’. They always ask me why even in the worst situations I’m grinning like a cheshire cat.

How do I manage to juggle dental school, this whole ‘blogging-thing’ that I’m trying to do, as well as have a social life.

I thought I’d let you in on some of the things that I do to keep me calm, focused, energised and more importantly POSITIVE.



I use the Head Space app first thing in the morning to do a quick 15 minute meditation session while my brains still waking up. I used to be a social media scroller, catching up on all the posts I’d missed throughout the night, but I’ve found a quick 15 minutes dedicated to focusing on me, myself and I, helps me feel energised for the busy mornings I’m faced with.

I also use their dynamic sleep sounds at night. They help me fall asleep a lot quicker and more effectively then watching endless YouTube videos in bed like I used to.



This has been a big change in the past year. One of my 2019 resolutions was to read more books! I used to love reading as a kid but until January 2019 I don’t think I’d read a book since the iconic Of Mice and Men during my GCSE’s.

I find not only does it help you in everyday life, to articulate yourself and broaden your vocabulary- but the actual act of reading helps you feel a lot more relaxed, and being able to escape into another world within a story really helps you forget about your stress and worries.



I used to be a bit all over the place. I’d be writing lists on scrap pieces of paper or on my phone. I could never really keep track of what I needed to do and when I needed to do it by.

Invest in a diary, preferably one with a month view and then pages where you can see the entire week across the double paged spread. You can write what you have going on and what you need to do and look at it all in one go. It really helps you digest what needs to get done each week and to be honest it’s so much more satisfying to tick off your to do list with pen and paper as opposed to clicking a button on your phone.



It’s so important to take time out and enjoy things that you actually like! For me it used to be the gym but I found the whole process quite time consuming eating before working out, working out, showering up and then coming home and eating again. It would be a solid 3 hour hobby and with final year being so hectic I decided that I had to prioritise and let it take a back seat.

My new hobby is quite the opposite, in that I spend a lot of my free time cooking. I’ve been loving trying out new recipes and making my own up as I go along.


It’s best to find a hobby that’s proactive, that’s actually how I started my blog back in 2015! I was pretty depressed at the time and would spend hours and hours watching films and TV shows then one day I figured it was more productive and enjoyable to write about skincare and fashion (things I actually had a passion/ interest in).



I urge you all to watch THE SECRET. I watched it when way back in 2006 and have applied throughout my life ever since. Granted things haven’t gone exactly to plan in terms of timing, but what I’ve wanted to achieve and gain has more or less happened one way or another.

Writing down and collecting images to create a vision board of what you want to whether that be in the form of something mental or physical, can really help you stay focused and motivated. Set your vision board as your phone wallpaper or print it off and have it hanging in your room or above your desk. That constant reminder of the end goal will help you stay motivated and on track. But REMEMBER! Trust the process, it will happen when it’s meant to happen. 



This for me is one of the biggest things! If in a moment something really hits my nerve, I just think to myself will this matter at the end of the: day, week, month or year?

99% of the time it’s a firm NO and so I won’t waste my energy on letting it affect my headspace. It’s only going to set you back, make you feel worse and get you in a more negative headspace. It’s a huge downwards spiral and one that can be easily avoided if you take a deep breath, collect your thoughts, smile and let that negative wave deflect away from you.

I hope this wasn’t too long-winded! I just get so many questions about what I do to help stay anxiety and stress-free so figured it would be a good idea to write it all down! If you do anything different from me be sure to let me know and maybe I can start applying it and see if it works for me too.

For now, adiossssss!

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