When it comes to timepieces, I’d say I’m pretty picky. I’m not the type of person to buy a timepiece just because it looks nice at face value. To me it’s about the craftsmanship and mechanics of the watch itself. I remember seeing a YouTuber I follow talking about JORD’s wooden timepieces earlier this year and thinking how badly I wanted to get my hands on one, because not only are they nice to look at and well built, but they’re also a brand that’s all about sustainability and this is something many of you will know I’m quite passionate about. JORD is known for its innovation in quality and design as well as sourcing the materials for its products from sustainable sources. 

201910032045999384424653333.jpgChoosing the unique wood timepiece I wanted was pretty hard, I’m not going to lie. I was torn by a fair few but then I decided to go for a design I wouldn’t usually go for. Something that would stand out and make a statement, and so I went for the Dover & Padauk (Rosewood). Next up it was time to measure my wrist with the online guide and send my measurements over to JORD so they could tailor-make my watch for me. I was impressed (and thankful) for this because I find it so much effort having to take a timepiece to a store to get the links adjusted to fit my wrist. JORD then gives you the option to engrave the timepiece. As the watch was for myself I decided against this, though I was kinda tempted to put something like

Ryan, you’re the best, I love you, Love, Ryan’.

 Anyway, fast forward a few days and the timepiece arrived. I was shooook! JORD is based in the US, so I was expecting to wait a solid 2-3 weeks for the timepiece to arrive but it literally came in about 3-4 days. 


As soon as it arrived, I tore open the parcel to find a swanky black box with “JORD” printed in white, I made sure I carefully opened it and there, sat, staring me in the eye was this magnificent, heavy, brown box. It kind of reminded me of a treasure chest that you see in films lol. I lifted the magnetic lid and there it was. My new automatic wood watch

So fast forward to the present day. I’ve had the watch a few weeks, I’ve worn it day in, day out, long enough to tell you my thoughts. 

Firstly as I said earlier, the craftsmanship is incredibleee! I thought that because it’s made from wood it would probably chip from day-to-day knocks, but it hasn’t. I haven’t even noticed a scratch on it. 

Secondly, I love the fact that it’s automatic and not battery operated. It also has a really nice weight to it. Not too light that it feels cheap and not too heavy that it’s uncomfortable to wear. It’s also not too bulky either. 


The main thing it gets compliments for when people see it is that you’re able to see the mechanics from the front and the back. People always become mesmerised when they notice that lol. I will say that the colour of the red part of the watch is not at vibrant as seen on the website, but I’m kind of glad about that because it makes the watch more wearable with colours that would have otherwise clashed. 

In a world that’s so fast-paced, especially when it comes to fashion, it’s nice to see a brand that brings something different to the table.

JORD doesn’t just follow the latest trends to increase their sales. They don’t use any old materials to create cheap and affordable pieces that will appeal to the masses either. Excuse the pun but the JORD designs are timeless. They create pieces you can invest in. I can definitely see myself still wearing this timepiece in 5 years from now and so I know that they’re worth the money. In fact, to be honest they’re very well priced when you compare them to many other brands. 

I’ve teamed up with JORD to give one of you guys $100 that will go towards any watch of your choice! After this giveaway is over, all participants will receive a 10% coupon code so no one is left out. It is open internationally to men and women ages 18 and up. All you have to do is click the link and enter below:


10% off code: ryan10

*All entries must be made by Wednesday, October 30th at 11:59pm CST

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