I’ve seen Murdock pop-up on my social media a fair few times over the years but always assumed it was one of those brands that sold really expensive products for the refined gent with a corporate city job, so I never really looked in to the brand. That was until I was browsing the Male Skin website and stumbled across them, again, but this time the prices were displayed and they were really reasonable. It would have been rude not to try them out, am I right?

I needed to order a new face wash so I figured that I’d give theirs a try (the description mentioned a citrus scent and I was instantly sold). After that I was so impressed with the face wash (and the quick delivery from Male Skin) that I decided I’d try out their hair products.


I’ve been growing my hair for a few months to try and get that Alex Costa/ Mario Di Vaio look, so needed to switch up the industrial strength gel for something lighter and more relaxed.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect from them as a brand as, though I’d seen them before, I hadn’t heard too much about them. This is why I figured I’d do my own little review; just in case any of you guys are curious to know more about what their products are like and whether or not they’re worth buying. (Spoiler alert: they are).



Before I get in to the details, I don’t quite understand how Male Skin are selling this for just £15, but I’m here for it because, who doesn’t love a bargain?!

I like to think of myself as a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to skin care (mainly because I’ve used 99% of the products out there), and when I say this is definitely one of the best I’ve ever come across, I bloody well mean it!

The thing that woo’s me over when it comes to a face wash is the smell and boy, oh boy, let me tell you, this does not disappoint. It has a tangerine and peppermint fragrance from the natural oils of both ingredients, which really invigorates your mind and more importantly, your skin on those; tough, tired and dull mornings.

One of the great things about this face wash is that whilst it detoxifies and cleanses your skin from all of the grime and dirt, it leaves your face feeling really nourished and looking glowing which I think is really hard to find in a product. It reminds me of a glycolic face wash in the sense that it feels like you’ve got a new soft layer of skin once you wash your face.

The inflammation I normally get after shaving has virtually gone and I also don’t get any redness post-shaving like I used to. This is the only thing I’ve switched up in my shaving regime so I’m guessing the mint and aloe vera must be calming my skin and preventing any irritation.

I’d honestly recommend this to all skin types. My reasons? Well, even though it’s nice and gentle on the skin (perfect for sensitive skin), it still strips off the impurities to leave you with fresh, clean skin without being too heavy duty which is great for dry skin because you’re not stripping away all of the skins natural oils, but also great for oily skin because the sebaceous glands in your skin don’t need to over compensate for the oils that have been washed away.

Okay now lets move on to the hair side of things, because this was quite a change for me in terms of the types of products I switched too.

250ml, £18 £15



So back in 2014 every brand was pumping out their own sea salt spray, I’d only ever used one sea salt spray in the past and it was horrible! It left my hair feeling crusty and crunchy, like that horrible finish that you get with a mousse and I think that’s why I haven’t used a sea salt spray since.

In an attempt to change up my hairstyle I needed to add volume and texture while I waited for my hair to grow, and a sea salt spray seemed like a great way to get both of those things in just one product.

While there are loads on the market, I thought I’d go for a Murdock one because I was so impressed with the face wash. It’s pricier than your standard one you’d find in Boots but I figured there must be a reason, and I was secretly hoping that spending the extra money meant there would be no crispy hair!

Was I right? Indeed I was.

So like the face wash it has a citrus scent of orange, tangerine and lemon so your hair’s going to smell nice and zesty.

I’ve been applying a fairly liberal spritz through damp hair before I blow-dry it as a pre-styling product. I then brush my hair whilst following it with my hair-dryer on a medium heat and medium power just to give myself control of the direction and style that I’m giving to my hair.

Now the first time I used this I just used my hand to ruffle my hair whilst I dried it, which I wouldn’t recommend because my hair went wild!

Once my hair had dried I then go over it quickly on the cold setting just to set my hair in place before I use my following styling product.

In all honesty, depending on your hairstyle, you could use the sea salt spray on its own because it leaves your hair nice and matte and quite firmly in place.

150ml, £24 £20



When I got this through the post in its 50ml tin I thought I’d get through this pomade in 2 weeks, oh how wrong I was. The tiniest bit of this product goes a long way indeed.

Again with its great citrus scent, I applied a 10p piece sized amount and ran it through my hair. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had a bit of shine to it, because everyone knows that I love me a slicked, wet look finish.

In terms of hold it’s not ultra-strong, but I feel like if you’re using a product like this, you’re going for a more laid-back and chill hairstyle so you want something that allows you to rework your hair and makes your hairstyle look more effortless.

The hold from the sea salt spray meant I’ve only really needed to apply this to areas that need that extra bit of hold.

Now another great thing about this is that it’s so easy to wash out! Before I changed my products up I was using the Got2B styling paste and I’d have to wash my hair with shampoo twice before it came out, which was really damaging to my hair and my scalp. With Murdocks vintage pomade I literally rinse my hair out with warm water and it’s all out and my hair feels nice and soft.

50ml, £14 £12

I’ve really been enjoying using Murdocks products and I’ll definitely be delving in to more of their line to see what else they have to offer. If you’re thinking about trying them out then I’d definitely recommend getting your products from Male Skin, just for the fact that they’re selling the products for a discounted price to other stockists! I compared Male Skins prices to the Murdock and Mr Porter website and found that Male Skin was selling the products for the cheapest (also they send their products out SO quickly)!

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