What’s good people?! It’s been a while since my last post but if you’ve been following my instagram over the past few months you’d have seen me raving about the t-shirts I copped from Iconic Culture– in fact a lot of you have been messaging me about them! So I figured I’d write a wee post about why you need to get your hands on them.

I was having a quick skr skrrrr through my instagram one day and ended up on the Iconic Culture page and something instantly drawn to their designs.


I could see they’d gone out of their way to bring something new to the table. They weren’t just another clothing brand selling overpriced t-shirts with side-stripes and meaningless slogans plastered on them.

Firstly the cut of the t-shirt’s looked nice and fitted, yet the longline style and scooped hem gave them an oversized feel- which is the perfect hybrid for me because when I wear normal oversized pieces I look like I’m wearing a potato sack.



I honestly can’t praise the fit of these enough. If you work out you need these T’s in your wardrobe because they fit so snug around your arms and shoulders- not in that uncomfortable way where you feel like the blood circulations being cut off either! If I’m being on honest I’m pretty sure they give the illusion that your arms are bigger than they actually are (fake it ‘til you make it n datttt).

Now the oriental t-shirt that has slightly longer sleeves just above the elbow, this means you can chop and change how I wear it, so sometimes I’ll roll it up to decrease the length or if I’ve got a good pump then I’ll just push it up to make it look a bit more effortless.


The fabric isn’t that typical fruit and loom shit material you get with most of these new brands. It’s got a really nice thickness to it and the material doesn’t bobble after three washes either!

The stitching’s great too, especially on the mandala t-shirt that I’m wearing. It transitions to the pattern seamlessly and doesn’t look blocky. It blends in with the t-shirt really nicely.



When I got my pieces there were limited designs as they’d just set up but they’ve just added a load of new pieces. The new mandala print is probably my favourite so I’ll definitely be adding it in to my wardrobe.

The thing that draws me to Iconic Culture the most is that no-one else is doing clothes like they are, as I said before everyone’s pumping out pieces with a brand name on the chest or a side stripe down the arms which granted was cool at first but it’s been over killed now.

Iconic Cultures pieces have more substance to them. Having said that I’m hoping along with these new designs we’ll get some pieces that are slightly more subtle so that I can have them as staples in my wardrobe, solely because the way that these fit!

The guys at Iconic Culture have hooked me up with a discount code for you guys so be sure to enter RYAN15 to get money off your order and tag them in any photos you upload wearing their pieces!

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