Not gonna lie, when this came through my PR I was almost annoyed that I hadn’t come across MBR sooner!

I went to Thailand earlier this year and after getting food poisoning when I went back in 2016 I made sure I stocked up on every over the counter drug possible to ensure I was equipped for the aftermath of any street food I was going to eat, the inevitable hangovers and anything else in between!

The traveller kit from Mother Browns Remedy has everything you could need, it’s like a first aid kit- but for anyone going travelling. It’s vegan and has natural herbal ingredients so it’s a bit lighter on your body than synthetically formulated drugs. On top of all this I was impressed to find out that from every purchase made a portion of the profit will be donated to the antislavery charity which helps protect against human trafficking and child labour.

Now unfortunately I haven’t been away anywhere exotic, but I’ve had a lot of late nights, a messed up body clock and some dodgy curries so I’ve still been able to test some of the items in the package out!



This is a liquid food supplement to help relieve that Delhi belly from any dodgy street-food you might want to try. The great thing about this is that there are 5 little vials in each box you can just take them on the go with you- should you need to!



This is basically the opposite of Turista Belly so it’s going to get your bowel moving a bit… lol



These herbal tablets don’t half pack the punch! I could feel myself getting all congested and felt a flu coming on a few weeks back but I just took a few of these tablets and was feeling normal again after a couple of days. They contain liquorice which I found really helped me with the congestion and soothed my throat quite a bit too.



During my exam period my sleeping pattern was all over the place, I’d be going to bed at 6am/7am and I’d either end up waking up at 11am or not until 3pm. I live next to the tram line which is frustrating because even once I had finally gotten to sleep I’d be woken up by the trams passing my apartment.

Then I remembered Ihad these in my traveller kit so I took one, and just like that my sleeping pattern was fixed. Now they’re not like prescription sleeping-pills where you get crazy drowsy and then just fall asleep. I found they made me feel more chilled out and then once I fell asleep I went in to quite a deep sleep and wasn’t woken up by the trams.



Now these are just a 3 pack of condoms to make sure you’re coming back from your travels with the cliche elephant-print floaty trousers and not syphilis- or worse… a BABY!



Whether you’re going away or not, these are pretty essential. They cure a hangover better than my traditional cure of berocca.

For me a drunken night out goes hand-in-hand with a disgustingly greasy take away after (cheesy chips with garlic mayo and BBQ sauce, potentially a battered sausage too if I want to go all out), so the next day even if the berocca manages to masque my hangover, my body still feels beaten up and broken. With these mourning glory tablets though, I found that it just fixes everything and makes your head feel a lot lighter!

I’d honestly recommend this MBR traveller kit to anyone going away this summer and even more so to anyone going on a gap year! It’s easy to order directly from here and it’ll come straight to your door in a nice little box so you’re able to keep all the products together. For me I love the fact that they’re all vegan and natural ingredients, it means that it’s going to be digested by your body with a lot less effort.

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