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Since my ‘Summer Skin Saviours‘ blog post I’ve had a lot of DM’s asking about SPF’s and what other ones there are out there, which in actual fact I wasn’t too sure about. I decided to do some research and team up with www.maleskin.co.uk to test some other SPF moisturisers on the market to see if I could find any others that are worth investing in.

I’m not going to lie to you, I thought Henri Lloyd died off in 2k9 but apparently not, also, they do skin care?! It was news to me too but I was pleasantly surprised. I haven’t seen a range like this for men from any other skincare brand so I thought I’d give it the time of day and see whether or not it could change my preconception of Henry Lloyd.


This is one of those products you never knew you needed. Whenever the suns out I’m always slathering on the sunscreen but what I never cottoned on to is that while I’ll apply SPF on to my body and face I always wash my hands after because I didn’t like the greasy feeling of sunscreen on my hands and so my hands are not being protected from the sun.

Along with that, being a dentistry student I’m constantly washing my hands and applying anti-bacterial gel on them, so my hands get crazy dry and I’m always needing to put hand cream on, but again I’m picky about which I use because I hate that greasy feeling on my hands where th

ey feel slimey.


Luckily this little bottle of magic has had me covered the past 6 weeks! It’s crazy because it has SPF in it but unlike most SPF’s it absorbs in to the skin SO quickly and although it doesn’t have that greasy end feeling, it doesn’t feel crazy dry either- your hands just feel nourished. It’s odd as well because it’s water resistant so whether I’m swimming around in the sea or washing my hands between patients my hands still feel moisturised and I don’t have to keep applying it to my hands!

75ml, £20


Firstly this stuff keeps you matte! It’s been pretty hot the past few weeks and this has definitely helped stop me from looking like a red, hot, sweaty mess. Again it feels really nourishing on your face and is absorbed really quickly without leaving you with that blue/ grey tint that many SPF’s do!


I will say that it does feel a little sticky on your face but not so much that it’s put me off using it. It’s water resistant so it’s perfect to take on holiday and because it comes in a handy 80ml size not only can you take it in your hand luggage, but it’s also not a pain to carry around the pool or beach.

Something that surprised me about this was that you only need to use a tiny bit of product to cover your face and neck, meaning one tube is going to last you a really long time!

80ml, £20


Now I started by using this on my face alone and found it to be quite a nice and light moisturiser, however I did find it wasn’t best suited to my oily skin. I then decided to use it with the Sun Defence Cream and noticed a huge difference. I found that my skin felt a lot more smoother and looked more alive from the moisturiser and that the Sun Defence Cream that I was mixing it with, helped keep my face really matte.


I’d definitely recommend this is you have dry-normal skin or as a moisturiser for those with oily skin for the winter months. I know I’ll definitely be using this during the winter when there’s less sun as I my skin can get quite dry in the winter months and this will help hydrate it. Also this is SPF 15 and during the summer I do prefer to use at least SPF 30.

75ml, £40

So there’s my little two cents on what I think of the skincare range from Henri Lloyd. I’d definitely give it a go, the products definitely feel quite high end and though they aren’t the cheapest- they’re definitely not breaking the bank either.

All products are available over at maleskin

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