If you’ve been following me for the past six-months or so you’ll know- just like everyone else, I’ve been digging the side-stripes trend that’s been everywhere from Topman to Gucci.


Along with the side-stripes there’s been a major 90’s fashion come back and while at first I was hesitant of the chunky sneakers, miniscule sunglasses and tracksuits in dodgy colour combinations, I’ve actually started to take quite a liking to it all.

Colmar is one of my newly found, favourite brands not just because the quality of their pieces but also the fact that they’re an understated brand- you’re not going to see every Tom, Dick or Harpinder wearing the same piece of clothing as you when you’re walking down the street.


This collaboration in particular sees the perfect summer fusion of the classic and timeless designs that Colmar always get spot on, with the fun and quirky prints from Au Jour Le Jour to give the collection a more youthful feel.

I think this collection is the perfect way to bring your summer wardrobe to life. The collection allows you to invest in pieces that, despite being on trend this season, you’re still going to be able to wear them for seasons to come because of the classic foundations that Colmar creates. This is great because you’re not going to have to try and sell it all on Depop come October!


When I got the chance to pick some pieces from the new collaboration between AJLJ and Colmar I was instantly drawn to this tracksuit, I obviously loved the side stripes but then it also gave me a retro 90’s vibe, I just felt it was a killer combo, two birds, one stone n dattt.

I really like how AJLJ have incorporated brooches in to the tracksuit, something you’d normally place on a suit jacket or overcoat has been made a lot more youthful and laid-back by using the animals such as dolphins, turtles or on this tracksuit, a crab.


This tracksuit is one of those things you can just chuck on; whether you’re heading to the gym, running to the corner shop or have a day full of errands to run- it’s the perfect outfit. It’s made from a really light and breathable material which is great because I found many high-street tracksuit sets can be unbearable to wear after a couple of hours.

It requires very little thought because all you need to team it with is a plain T-shirt and a white pair of trainers and you’re good to go!

The zip-up sweater can be found here, and the track-pants can be found here.

The whole range can be found here, it’s definitely worth taking a look at!

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