What is going on peopleeeee?! It’s been way too long since my last post!

I was lucky enough to visit Vienna for a few days a couple of weeks back and my lord was it an amazing trip! Vienna was never really one of those places that was top of my list on places to visit, but me and my friend had a few days to spare and there’s a train that goes from the city I study in directly to Vienna, so we figured why the hell not?

I couldn’t find some of the items but I’ve linked to similar alternatives.


It was bloody hot when we got there so I wanted to wear something quite light and thin. I opted for a plain beige cotton T-shirt from Zara and a pair of navy trousers with an off-white side stripe down them- which are also from Zara. I teamed them with my Mariah flyknits because I knew we’d be walking around all day trying to see as much as we could.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 21.40.47.png

The Mariah flyknits are possibly my favourite trainer/ sneaker that I’ve ever purchased. I know a lot of people don’t like the new style with the plastic heel cover on the back of them, but I personally find that they give your foot a bit more stability.


Obviously being the pig I am, a vital pit stop for breakfast was needed! We went to ‘The Guest House’ which is right by the Opera house. The breakfast and the coffee were both delicious and the atmosphere in there was really nice too. It really reminded me of The Ivy in Covent Garden.



For the evening I wanted to wear something that was smart but also something that I could get away with wearing during the afternoon and the evening.


I decided to go down the smart-casual route and opted for a light blue blazer from Burton (I cant find the exact one but I’ve linked to two variations here and here) with a navy T-shirt from Reiss and a matching navy pocket square from The Tie Bar. I wanted to channel those summer vibes so opted for a light pair of chino trousers from Moss and a pair of grey trainers from River Island to compliment them.

I feel like this would be the perfect outfit if you’re going out for the day or going on a day-date for drinks during the summer months.


It was a good 27-degrees so I teamed my outfit with a pair of sunglasses from Jeepers Peepers to complete the look.

I got a lot of stares while wearing this and I’m assuming it’s because they thought that I looked like a knob cool. This was probably my favourite outfit of the trip mainly because it was a combination of pieces that I would wear normally wear individually rather than teaming together in one outfit.


We ate at Joseph Brot for brunch and it was sooo good! I had the beef tartare with a smoothie and a cream cheese and pumpkin muffin and wouldn’t fault a thing.

I ate the muffin before I could even think about taking a picture of it so soz about that.


The outfit I wore on the second day seemed like a really good idea, you know, open short sleeved-shirt with a white T-shirt underneath and black jeans. I was very wrong. I was very sweaty, and I was very restricted. My skinny jeans very quickly stuck to my legs making it very hard to walk. But you gotta do, what you gotta do for the ‘gram.

The thing I like about this outfit is that each piece is very plain and therefore very versatile.

The plain white T-shirt is from ASOS- their muscle fit T’s are the best because they fit so nice and smug around your arms. I threw on a short-sleeved, green- linen shirt also from ASOS.


These are my favourite jeans even if they did feel extremely tight (leg day is apparently paying off?) they’re from River Island and they’re the Sid-skinny fit. Again I teamed these with the grey trainers from River Island.

My sunglasses are again from Jeepers Peepers but they’re a different shaped frame with a metal bar.


This was probably my favourite night because the food was insane and the sky bar was dope af too!

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 21.54.33.png

We ate at Door No. 8 which is a steakhouse and would definitely recommend going there. The service was really good, they even brought over a selection of knives for us to hold and choose to use to eat our steak with; because you can’t eat a steak with any old knife, right?


We went to dinner at something stupid like 10pm so I wanted to wear something fairly smart and night-out appropriate.

I opted for a simple Navy blazer from Reiss and a standard white shirt from Ralph Lauren. I decided on a check pocket square from Otta to jazz things up a bit.

I didn’t want to wear proper trousers as I thought it’d look a bit OTT so just wore my River Island jeans again with my Louis Vuitton Neogram belt in damier graphite. This belt is definitely my favourite and my most worn designer belt, it’s fairly subtle and a lot more wearable than the rest of the belts I own.

My shoe collection at uni is pretty slim so I wore my Gucci-style loafers… from Zara but if I had them with me I would have worn my black monkstraps to tie the outfit together.

If I’m honest this is an outfit I always reach for when I have nothing else to wear on a night out because it looks well put together and is a fairly timeless look.

We ended the night at ‘das Loft’ at the Sofitel. The views from up there are incredible, but more so the ceiling in that place is so cool- an instagrammers wet dream.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg


The days seemed to be getting hotter and hotter, the burning sensation on my skin felt so good haha.


I figured it was time to whip out the shorts and so I went for a light, beige pair from H&M and teamed it with a pastel blue knitted T-shirt from Massimo Dutti. I’m really digging plain cotton T-shirts at the minute because they’re simple but they add more texture to your outfit than your normal plain T-shirt.

Again I recycled the night befores Zara loafers and my Jeepers Peepers sunglasses.

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