Jeans with stripes, trousers with stripes, chinos with stripes, shorts with stripes, joggers with stripes. STRIPES. STRIPES. STRIPES.

Side-stripes have been all the rage over the past 5 months or so and while I always thought it was a trend that looked good on other people, I wasn’t so sure I was cool enough to pull them off.


I’ve been trying to track down the perfect side-striped trousers but I’m currently 5 failed attempts in- I’m not giving up hope so watch this space…

In the mean time I decided I’d settle for some joggers/ track-pants as it seemed like the perfect combination; fashionable AND (more importantly) comfortable.

I’ve always been apprehensive about going out in public wearing joggers, but I’m not even going to deny the fact that on this occasion I was not only sleep deprived but pretty hungover so traipsing around Manchester on a typically-cold British, Saturday afternoon in ripped-skinny jeans was not an option.


I stumbled across these Criminal Damage joggers when I was doing an ASOS order and just added them to my basket for on a whim. I didn’t think they’d look good on me as I’m usually more inclined to a skinnier fit than a regular fit but something was telling me to just give them a go and if they worked, they worked, if not just send them back.

The main thing that attracted me to them was the green and red ‘Gucci’ stripes, basically they looked more expensive than they actually were.

Anyway long story short, I tried them on and teamed them with a New Era Chicago Bulls sweater and thought it looked pretty dope. You guys seemed to love the photo I posted on my Instagram last week and I had so many messages asking where the joggers were from so I figured I’d do a little blog post on them.

Edit-13.jpg    Edit-17.jpg

New Era Chicago Bulls Sweater, £50


Criminal Damage Joggers, £55

If you’re in the market for a pair of side-striped joggers then I’ve also included some other fiyaaaah pairs that I’m planning to get myself

(I have a feeling I’m going to be living in them over the next couple of months).

Click the pictures to shop!

Mennace, £35                                                        Gym King, £40
Mango, £35.99                                               Zara, £29.99


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