What’s up peopleee?! Holy moly it’s been a hot minute since my last post but all with good reason, not to be extra but I was practically on my death-bed from mid-November until the new year.

Being ill meant I barely went out and thus had the luxury of not needing to get dressed properly, however this became a bit problematic when I started to feel better and went to get ready to meet my friends for dinner, finding that I had no hair product left!

I had to go to a restaurant wearing a cap- which I took off because I felt rude, exposing my dutty hat hair to the world.

Needless to say I went on the hunt for some pomade the next morning, which proved a lot harder than I thought- 3 failed attempts to be exact. I found it really hard to find a pomade on the high street and because it was around new years most barbers were closed so I couldn’t even buy any from there.

It got me thinking about what pomades I’ve used in the past and which were my favourite, I figured I may as well do a blog post about it so here it is! My top 3, favourite, hair pomades (in no particular order)… Bloody riveting.

1. Neal and Wold Pomade


I was using the Neal and Wolf hair pomade for the last half of 2017 and it was one of the first pomades I’d used in years. I took to it quite quickly, it had great hold and a medium shine and came in a decent sized tub, what’s not to like?

I found I did need to use a fair amount of product to give me the hold I like- but then again I’m quite reckless when it comes to using hair products and tend to go overboard with the amount I apply so a normal person would probably be able to stick to the suggested 10p piece sized amount recommended.

The great thing is that because it gave such good hold it was the only product I needed to put on my hair- though I did spray a shed load of hairspray before a heavy night out.

Would I repurchase? Definitely, it’s just annoying as it’s not stocked on the high street and I’m not organised enough to pre-order some more online before I run out.

£12.95, 125g

2. Johnny’s Chop Shop Pomade


When I went on the hunt for a new pomade I went straight to Boots and this was the only pomade they had. I left Boots empty handed and continued wearing my cap because I wasn’t sold on this stuff. Returning to a third Boots store, I once again could only find this pomade, I figured beggars cant be choosers and all that so picked up a tub.

Well I’ll tell ya something, this stuff aint half bad! The hold isn’t the best but add a bit of hair gel and you’re on to a winner. I did try just adding more pomade but because it’s got a really nice high shine to it, it can look a bit OTT when you add too much product.

Another great thing is that it washes out really easily, there’s nothing I hate more than struggling to get hair product out when I’ve dunked my head under the sink when getting ready for bed (does anyone else do this or is it just me?)

At first I felt a bit robbed, its £7 a tub which seemed a bit steep to me because it didn’t seem like there was much product but it’s actually lasted me really long. I’ve been using it for a solid 4 weeks and still have about a third of the tub left.


3. American Crew Pomade


American Crew is the OG when it comes to hair products. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by any of their products and it’s the only brand I’ve constantly used for around 11 years now. I’m always using one of their products whether it’s a shampoo or styling product.

The shine this gives is way up there, it doesn’t make you look like you’ve slathered a load of oil on your hair but it just gives this really nice sheen to your styled hair. It’s medium hold but I’ve come to the realisation that most pomades are.

If you team this with some hairspray or American Crew superglue gel your hairs going to hold out. There’s been times where I’ve used it alongside the superglue gel on a night out and came home a bit more intoxicated than intended and slept with product still in my hair and woken up in the morning without a hair out of place.

American Crews a lot more widely available than it used to be and it’s a classic brand that I’d definitely recommend trying out.

£10.76, 85g

Overall Thoughts…

I’d say overall I’ll definitely be repurchasing the Johnnys Chop Shop pomade next- mainly because it’s easier to get hold of. If I come some American Crew I’ll definitely stock up, as for Neal and Wolf, as much as I love the brand it’s so hard to find in a shop, salon or barbers so I guess until I can be bothered to buy hair products online, I wont be using it anytime soon.

Let me know what your favourite hair pomade is!

Also do you like these style posts? If so what do you want me to compare next?!

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