To me Next is one of those shops your mum used to drag you in to when you were a kid to buy your entire wardrobe from. In fact the only time I’ve shopped in Next over the past 10 years is to buy suits or brogues (they do the best suits for such a good price)!

Over the past few months I’ve noticed a lot of the posts I’ve been liking on instagram feature pieces from Next, so I figured I may as well go in-store, have a gander and pick up an item or two.

Well an item or two quickly led to me needing a basket to carry around store while I continued picking stuff up. I seriously felt like I was in an episode of supermarket sweep.


Starting off casual, I got my hands on a moleskin coat. I feel like it’s perfect for the autumn/winter months. Its cut has a smart look, but the tan colour gives it quite a casual vibe.


All my casual coats/ jackets tend to be parkers or bombers with shearling on the collars so this was a refreshing addition to the wardrobe, and therefore a completely justified purchase.




Taking it a bit more formal I picked up a new blazer to help see me through my Christmas parties. The majority of my blazers are navy/ blue and whilst this is a navy blazer too, I like that it’s made from wool, as not only does it add texture to your outfit but it’s also a very winter/ festive material to wear.


IMG_6082.JPGThe check detailing adds that extra colour for you to play around with and the lining of this blazer is amazing too! It has a really vibrant print that’s going to make you want to keep taking things in and out of the inside pocket just so you can show it off.





The past few years has seen a rise in cheesy/ tacky Christmas jumpers, something I’m really not a fan of. For me a Christmas jumper should be something warm, cosy- and actually wearable.


I love this snowflake-patterned jumper that I picked up because it’s not too garish. It’s got a festive red top-half with a nice cream contrasting bottom-half.

I’ve had a fair few people come up to me in the street asking me where I got this from and they all seemed pleasantly surprised when I said that it was from Next.




This time of year tends to involve a lot of formal events, parties and dinners for me, especially because my birthday is just a couple of weeks before Christmas. I figured if I were going to buy anything, it’d better be something that I genuinely need and will get use from over the coming months.


The only overcoat I own is beige and I’ve worn it to death. I grabbed this Epsom overcoat as soon as I’d seen it on the mannequin.

Most of my outfits during the winter are quite dark, usually burgundies and navies so I figured a light grey overcoat would help bring a bit of contrast.




For months I’ve wanted to get my hands on a cashmere sweater, but I don’t trust my laundry skills enough to take the plunge. Whilst this isn’t actually a cashmere jumper, it felt just as good as cashmere, especially when you consider its £32 price tag.


It’s such a warm and soft sweat for something so thin! It’s one of those jumpers that you can wear with trainers and light denim during the day, or dressed up with black jeans and boots or brogues for dinner or Christmas drinks down the local.



As thick as a jacket or a sweater might be, I find you still end up getting that chilly breeze getting to you. A scarf is not only the perfect way to combat that chilly breeze but it’s also the perfect way to accessorise your outfit.


Even better if it’s an oversized scarf because you can take it off and use it as a blanket while you take the night train home after a night out when the alcohols wearing off.

This neutral colour-block scarf is perfect for me because it features pretty much every colour I tend to wear meaning it’s going to go with most of my outfits.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I feel like I picked up a pieces that I wouldn’t normally go for! Let me know if you want to see more hauls like this.

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