Hey Folks!

Winter’s well underway, which to me seems crazy because it only seems like last week I was packing for my summer holiday!

Needless to say my summer clothes are somewhere at the back of my wardrobe and my long-johns are washed and ready to go.

With this post being aimed at these cold, winter months you’d expect a typical list of things like gloves, scarves and winter jackets- however that’s not the case. The grooming side of things definitely contains products to add that hydration back in to you during these freezing cold months, but the accessories side of things can be used all year around, especially if you’re living in the U.K.


This belt has got to be one of the best things I’ve purchased this year. I had a bit of a mad moment at the beginning of the summer and purchased this belt as well as the same in black. Unfortunately I had to return the black one as after only a couple of wears the leather had started to crack.


I’ve worn this belt virtually everyday since I bought it and though there are signs of the leather bowing, it’s still in great condition. I always used to reach for my Hermes belt, especially for formal events and nights out, but I can’t even remember the last time I wore it.

I find this Louis Vuitton belt a lot more comfortable and find that it can be worn very well for both casual and formal outfits.

At a reasonable £240 I think it’s a really good entry-level item if you’re looking to purchase something designer or if you’re looking for a high end belt.

Louis Vuitton, £240


For a solid 2 years I’ve been trying to decide on a new wallet, I knew I wanted a Louis Vuitton one in damier graphite, but was always torn between the: multiple, slender and pocket organiser.

CW69690-LOUIS VUITTON damier graphite slender mens wallet _a.jpg

For me the pocket organiser was a nice hybrid between a card-holder and a wallet- which I figured would be perfect for day-to-day life as well as nights out when you don’t want anything bulky in your pocket.

I soon ruled out the multiple as it didn’t have enough card slots that I need unlike the generous slender wallet, which is also a lot cheaper in price!


Luckily my parents decided for me and got me the slender as an early birthday present!

For me it’s the perfect wallet as it has 8 card slots, 2 separate compartments for notes/ receipts as well as 2 hidden pockets, I’ve filled all the sections up already and find that it’s surprisingly less bulky than the pocket organiser.

Louis Vuitton, £280


I’m a bit naïve when it comes to watches, I’m a bit clueless when it comes to all the mechanics of what makes a good watch and what you should be looking for, but I find when it comes to your mainstream designers such as Armani, Gucci etc. it’s less about the mechanics of the watch and a lot more on how the watch looks and feels.


I find Armani do the best watches for their price range, with the majority of them around £200. This watch featured is a solid 8 years old, but it’s still going strong.

Strangely I like the orange face as I feel it adds something different, I find it just makes the watch stand out a bit more. Accompanied with the faux-croc strap (which has definitely seen better days) I find that it’s a watch perfect for all occasions.


As the watch is really old I wasn’t able to find the exact one, but have linked to Armani’s most similar current style.

Ernest Jonest, £169


If you live in the U.K. then this is probably the most vital item in this entire blog post!

It does what you’d expect, you know, keeps you dry. But whilst doing so it also transforms your look in to something a lot more instagrammable (lolz).


I don’t think you can get a more British looking umbrella, unless you get a Burberry one for over 10x’s the price! For me this is perfect, it’s compact with its little cover case whilst also being stylish with it’s olive, tartan print and wooden crook handle.

House of Fraser, £29


For me there’s no better beard oil than the Tom Ford in Oud Wood but not everyone has a spare £42 to spend on a little bit of oil which they don’t even know if they need.

I was quite surprised to see that Loreal were releasing their own range of beard products, especially because I thought the whole beard-hype died down in 2014. But none the less I’ve been giving it a go.

I haven’t used a beard oil in quite a while and didn’t think I was missing out, until I started using one again!

This Loreal beard oil sinks right in to not only your beard, but also the skin underneath, which is really important because moisturiser doesn’t tend to reachthat part of your face, which often ends up meaning you have quite dry skin in that area.


Not only that but the fragrance of the beard oil is incredible, it smells exactly like the fragrance next on my list, which is my favourite for this time of year.

It’s spicy and woody and isn’t too strong, so the only time you’re reminded of it is when you’re being complimented for it.

It’s fair to say I ‘ve been stroking my beard non-stop since I’ve started using this beard oil.

Superdrug, £7.32


Where do I even begin with this. It made it on to my ‘TOP 5 MUST HAVE FRAGRANCES’ blog post earlier this year and not a lot has changed since then. I wore it a lot over the summer months, but I’m wearing it even more now that it’s getting colder and more festive.


It’s got warm, spicy cinnamon and tobacco notes meaning it’s quite deep and musky. It has really good longevity so you don’t need to apply more during the day and it gets you a hell load of compliments!

Harrods, from £52


When I first used this I broke out pretty bad and quickly put it to the back of my cupboard, I then read that this is normal when you first start using it and you just have to ride the pimples out to then see the actual effects.

With this cold weather I find that my skin gets dry and dull, when you added skin irritation from shaving a couple times a week and a bit of low-key acne, I’m not exactly looking like a work of art.


After a couple of weeks using this little bad-boy I’ve found that my face feels crazy smooth, but is also looking a lot less congested and I’ve got a lot fewer blackheads and pimples in general.

The Ordinary has really taken off this year, and with their really reasonable prices for such effective products, it’s clear to see why!

ASOS, £8


Every female and their mum have raved about this oil at some point, which made me assume it aint for guys! How very wrong I was. When I was given this to try I wasn’t really bothered by it because I didn’t think I needed it (despite blow-drying/ frazzling my hair everyday).


I’ve used this everyday for 6-weeks and have noticed some silky, smooth differences. Made from argan oil, which is rich in vitamin E, it helps nourish and condition your hair. Not only that it actually helps speed up the drying of your hair- which is perfect for me because I’m forever running late.

It’s won endless awards and there’s no doubt why! It’s a bit pricey but you only use a couple of drops at a time so one bottle is sure to last you a long while.

Feel Unique, £32.85

I’d love to hear what things you guys are reaching for this winter and whether there’s anything I’m missing out on!

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