If you haven’t heard of Mennace by now, I’m assuming you haven’t been on social media in the last month!

Bloggers have literally been going HAM over the launch of the new brand and I’ve seen it plastered all over my Instagram and YouTube feeds. I myself have been posting pieces on my Instagram, so I figured I may as well add my two-cents and do my own little review too.

So what is Mennace all about? It’s basically an oversized-apparel lovers wet dream.

I’d seen CEO Nitin Passi posting pieces with the Mennace logo on his Instagram for ages and kept wondering what the hell this brand was. I then finally came across it on ASOS just a few days before the official site launched and figured it’d be rude not to do a mini-haul.

I never wear over sized clothes as I like my outfits to be more tailored but the way the clothes were styled on the website completely won me over.

I assumed it was going to just be another fast-fashion site with cheap prices, using even cheaper materials – how wrong I was.

The pricing isn’t dirt cheap but it’s by no means overpriced or more expensive than high street stores like RiverIsland.

When I received my order I found that every piece of clothing I ordered was made from really premium feeling materials. Everything had structure, felt nice on the skin and looked expensive.

Before I get in to it and start sounding like a broken record, I will say that despite it being all about over-sized clothing, I still feel the items came up a size too big and next time I’ll be ordering a size smaller than what I usually wear.

1. Black Pinstriped Woven Baseball Shirt

IMG_2336 copy.jpgI was most excited for this to come, the way I’d styled it in my head looked boujee as hell!

When it came I had to try and find a new way to workwith it as it was more of a regular fit than skinny/ tailored.


The material felt really good and structured and I love how its collarless but I just feel it needs to be taken in at the sides to give shape to the body to give it a more evening wear look, had that been the case It’d be a perfect shirt to wear out for dinner or evening drinks with blacked ripped jeans and buckled loafer.


2. Khaki Signature Raw Edge T-shirt


Judging from the pictures on the website I knew I was going to like this. It has a normal fit- no drop shoulders! I also like the asymmetry and raw-cut edges.

It’s just a simple T with a few added extras.

Again the material feels good and it’s one of those T’s you’ll get a lot of wear from because you can just chuck it on with a pair of jeans and head out.


3. Khaki Premium Boxy Tie-Dye Sweatshirt


The more I saw this, the more I loved it and the more and more I knew I had to order it!

Again the fit came up big, but I still love the print, it’s really unusual and not something that you’re going to see everyone wearing either.

The material felt comfortable yet quite stiff ,which helped it hold its structure and not look too baggy.


4. White oversized Cool Vibes Printed T-shirt


This gave me proper LA-fashion blogger vibes.


Teamed with a pair of light-wash denim jeans and crisp white trainers I’d look so effortlessly badass. Unfortunately it just looked like I’d worn my dads baggy T to bed the previous night and had quickly run out to get the morning paper.

I think had the sleeves been shorter (or if I had biceps) this would be more wearable as it wouldn’t look so drowning on me.


5. Red Premium Longline Crew Neck Dropped Shoulder Sweatshirt


Without a doubt my favourite piece that I ordered.

The material is perfect for autumn/winter, the colour is so wearable and goes with just about anything.

I actually liked the dropped shoulder on this and the pouch pocket makes me feel cool and quirky (lolz).


This is something that will certainly be getting a lot of wear over the coming months whether its just to lounge around in or whether it’s to wear out whilst running errands.


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