A quick and easy hair routine for everyday.

After a shower whilst my hair is still wet, I brush my hair into the direction that I want to style it.

I then start to blow dry my hair in this same direction whilst also brushing my hair in to the style and shape that I want. This helps to give my hair volume and shape and for this I would recommend using a round/ barrel brush.

Once I’ve finished blow drying my hair I apply a pomade, at the minute I’m using the Neal&Wolf pomade which I’m really enjoying as it has really good hold and a decent amount of shine.

I then apply (a bit too much) hairspray, the Loreal ultra strong fixing spray is really good as it has a tacky feel to it before it fully sets, it’s at this tacky stage that I will then use a comb to style my hair in to its final position.

I tend to get my haircut every week. I get a grade 0 low fade, with a length of around 3 inches on top so that I can create a hairstyle that looks neat and smart. I trim my beard using trimmer with a grade 1 attachment and then shape my edges up with a cut throat razor to make sure my beard is looking tidy and sharp.

I hope this helps you guys that have been asking how I do my hair and get it cut! Let me know if you want me to cover any other topics and I’ll be more than happy to!

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