When I received the new styling range from Neal & Wolf in my PR, I got some serious ‘salon standard’ vibes from the packaging.

I’d seen Neal & Wolf pop up around instagram here and there but I’d never really heard much else of it- nor had I seen it being sold anywhere.

After a bit of research, I found besides being sold on their website, it’s only really sold in salons, meaning they were likely to be high quality products so I decided to finally put them to the test!


3-in-1 Shower Gel

N&W Mens bottle_CMYK.jpg

I’m not really a fan of ‘shower gel, shampoo, conditioner’ combinations so I was really reluctant to try this.

I find they usually either make your hair greasy, give you dandruff or strip any moisture from your skin.

After using this a few times however, I noticed that my hair was being left feeling really smooth and shiny also my skin felt really moisturised which I think is probably down to the shea butter that it contains.



Moulding Clay

N&W Mens Group - 03 DEFINE_CMYK

To me the majority of hair clays are the same and to be honest this was probably my least favourite of the range. I haven’t been using a clay for the past few months either.

While it did give a nice matte finish and didn’t leave my hair looking clumpy or greasy as with most clays, the hold wasn’t strong enough for me. It’s a good product if you want something that leaves your hair pliable but if not then you’d definitely need to team it up with a hairspray.





This pomade definitely stole the show. I’ve been using the Mon Platin Jojoba Crystal Wax all summer and didn’t think I’d find anything that would replace it any time soon.

Unlike the Mon Platin pomade this doesnt’t leave my hair clumped together and I’ve been using a lot less product to style my hair too. Admittidly I do still need to finish off with a hairspray for a solid hold but all-in-all it’s a great pomade.

There’s been (a fair few) nights where I’ve gone out and slept with product still in my hair, woken up hungover without a strand of hair out of place!



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