What’s up guys?!

So last week I went home for my Easter break and though I really shouldn’t have, I seemed to have purchased a few new pieces.

I’ve given up on the whole ‘shopping ban’ malarkey I was trying to do, because I’ve come to the realisation that I have nada willpower. It seems the more I try to resist buying new clothes, the more I seem to be accumulating.

My first stop was River Island; I’d been looking for a new pair of ripped jeans that weren’t black. I normally steer clear from light-washed denim as I find it doesn’t really suit me- however when I came across these on the ASOS website I knew I wanted them. I went in to store to try them on and confirmed that I needed them. I find shopping for jeans to be a real chore however I have found that the Sid skinny jeans from River Island always fit like a glove so would definitely recommend checking them out!

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

I’ve styled them here with a Zara t-shirt, which was featured in my March favourites, and of course my cammo sneakers that I mentioned in my spring steals post and have worn to absolute death.

I think these jeans work best with plain and washed-out t-shirts and a bomber jacket thrown on. I wouldn’t opt for a distressed t-shirt as I feel like it’d be a bit OTT. I’d also stick to sneakers and not a Chelsea boot or loafer.

Zara T-shirt

River Island Jeans

Now I can’t remember the last time I purchased anything from Next but I somehow wound up in there last week and was pretty astonished at how good their stuff is at the minute. I literally did a quick 3-minute supermarket sweep of the men’s section and then had to force myself to narrow it down to just a few things.

The first thing I picked up was an oversized navy cotton crew t-shirt. It’s quite a thick material, which I figured would come in use during the British spring/ summer evenings.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

It has a breast pocket to add a little detail. I teamed it with these cream/ off-white slim fit chinos I also picked up from Next. They fit really nicely and are perfect for the coming summer months. You could easily wear them smart casual like I have here with a pair of brown, buckled loafers or dress them down with a pair of sneakers like a Nike flyknit, Adidas ultraboost or even a pair of Converse.

Next T-shirt

Next Chinos

Dupe of my loafers

Vertical stripes are cropping up everywhere this season, from high street to high-end brands and seen as though I don’t own any short-sleeved shirts so I figured this was the perfect reason to buy one! I can see this getting a lot of use especially during my summer holidays. Teamed here with chinos and a pair of Python Jimmy Choo loafers. I think it’d also work perfectly with white, navy or even black shorts.


Next Shirt

Next Chinos

I’ve clearly got an obsession with cotton t-shirts as of late! I picked a few up last month from Zara and another two last week. My justification for this one was that it has a pattern on it rather than just being another plain t-shirt. It fit’s really nice and snug and can be styled a couple of ways. Again I’ve teamed it with my new chinos and a pair of Tom Ford drivers. I then decided to ‘grunge’ it up a bit with a pair of ripped River Island Sid skinny jeans, burgundy Zara loafers and an ASOS suede faux suede biker jacket.


Next T-shirt

Next Chinos


The most un-spring/ summer purchase I could have possibly made. Despite summer being just around the corner I’m sceptical as to how many sun-filled days we’re going to see this year. Either way I feel like biker jackets are pretty timeless and are a good summer evening jacket option. I really like biker jackets because though they have quite a dressed-down look about them, you can easily dress them up a bit with a pair of dark denim jeans and a plain t-shirt.


ASOS biker jacket

River Island Jeans



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