How many times has someone walked past you in the street or in the office and you’ve thought, damn, that person smells amazing?!

I feel like people overlook the importance and impact smelling good can have. In my opinion it’s just as important as dressing well, because before you even speak to someone they’ve already judged you based on how you smell (whether they realise it or not). I’ll put my hands up and admit that if I’m having a conversation with someone for the first time and they’re smelling a bit funky, that conversations getting cut real short!

Being a bit of a hoarder when it comes to my fragrances (13 and counting) I was thinking that, even though I use them all; which ones would I repurchase, and which ones could I not live without? So, I figured why not make a t’op 5 must have’ list of fragrances, I mean everyone needs a new fragrance for spring right?

1. Tom Ford; Noir de noir

It’s price tag is crazy, but fear not because it has immense lasting power and a little definitely goes along way so it’s got you covered whilst you hand over the money to your sales assistant!

This is definitely my go to night-out/ event fragrance. I get compliments every time I wear this and rightly so. It’s not an ‘in your face’ oud which I find goes for all the Tom Ford ouds, probably because they’re unisex.

It has warm top notes of saffron and black rose with base notes of oud wood.

17431808_10212553531692910_376205951_o.jpg50ml £155

2. Swiss Arabian; Kashkha

Sticking on the theme of ouds, you can’t be a good old Swiss Arabian. I feel like you have to sort of build your tolerance to ouds before you start using Swiss Arabian though. Once the strong, earthy smells stop giving you headaches you’re good to go.

The crazy thing is that this has got to me my favourite fragrances on this list- yet it’s the cheapest.

It has rich top notes of cinnamon and bergamot and base notes of amber musk and cedar wood to give you that manly, earthy smell all-day and night long.

17409468_10212553522732686_79956643_n.jpg20ml £20, Available in UAE stores 

3. Chanel; Allure homme sport

I’ve been using this since it was first released in 2004 (definitely used to steal it from my brothers room). Ever since then I’ve found myself always going back to it, time after time, but unfortunately having to buy it myself.

It’s perfect for when you’re on the go. Those times where you’re out all day and have to go straight to an event in the evening and don’t have time to freshen up. Whilst it has a strong citrus smell, it also packs vetiver, amber and white musk base notes making it suitable for any time of day and time of year.

17351132_10212553527012793_721733188_n.jpg50ml £52, 100ml £72

4. Viktor & Rolf; Spicebomb

With it’s warm, spicy cinnamon and tobacco notes it’s definitely a fragrance best used during the autumn/ winter months, but having said that I still find myself reaching for it all year around. During the spring/ summer months I’d definitely recommend using it during the night and not during the day as it is quite deep and intense.

It’s really well priced considering it has a lasting power that you’d expect from a more premium brand. Whenever I wear it I either get people asking me what I’m wearing or praise from other Spicebomb wearers.

17391836_10212553512532431_514843400_n.jpg50ml £50, 90ml £66, 150ml £84

5. Creed; Aventus

I definitely saved the best until last! Dating back to 1760, there’s a reason why Creed was a favourite of the royals. Unfortunately it also means it comes with a royal price tag too!

It’s definitely one for special occasions, and because it smells so special and unique it’d be a waste to use it as a day-to-day fragrance.

The lasting power knocks all the other fragrances for six. There’s times where I’ve sprayed aventus on a jacket, put it back in my wardrobe and the rest of my clothes end up smelling of aventus too.

It has pineapple, blackcurrant and bergamot top notes with vanilla and oak moss base notes meaning it’s fruity, masculine and fresh.


30ml-250ml starting from £115

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