I’m always sceptical when it comes to trying out new products from brands that I’ve never heard of before, however when I received the new styling range from KIPA something instantly drew me in.

Studying abroad means a lot of flying between university and home, so I’m constantly lugging my grooming products in my cabin bag, resulting in the majority of the contents of ending up in the lids of the tubs- which gets far too grubby for my liking.

KIPA are clearly two steps ahead because they’ve incorporated an additional lid that you place on the tub before screwing on the main lid. Meaning not only do you not get product everywhere but the products themselves don’t dry out as quick (after all it’s the small things in life).

Now I’ve tested the whole range but I’ve narrowed it down to my favourites- for my hairstyle (it was a bloody hard choice), and to be honest I would’ve talked about the whole range, but there’s only so much you can cram in to those airport, liquids bags (and also it would have also made for an extremely long blog post).

1. Play up; texture cream

Think American Crew; Fibre… only on steroids.

I got sick of the American Crew; Fibre because it used to take me forever to work in to a nice paste and even then I’d end up having massive chunks of it in my hair. As soon as you get this texture cream in to the palms of your hands it melts in to a perfect consistency even application.

The staying power of this isn’t the most amazing but texture creams aren’t meant for hold, so I combined it with the gel spray (see later) and found that the two worked great in combination.

Holding Power: 3/5

Shine: 3/5

Smell Rating: 3/5

Price: £7.45


2. Magma; matt clay

 I feel like I’m going to repeat myself here, but I have the same issue with clays in terms of managing to get the clay warmed up in my hands to allow for an even application.

I used to get this a lot with the VO5 matt clay and it made me steer clear from clays, so when I saw this I was quite apprehensive to give it the time of day. Thankfully, I did.

It definitely works like a clay; giving you that matte finish, along with the amazing staying power, but the consistency (much to my joy) is more creamier and means you don’t have to stand there for five minutes rubbing your hands together.

Holding Power: 4/5

Shine: 1/5

Smell Rating: 4/5

Price: £7.95


3. Hard hed; dry shaper

This is the perfect hybrid and the product I’ve been reaching for the most.

It’s a really versatile product and it’s holding power caters to a wide variety of hairstyles, whether you want to lie it down or get it up (your hair that is), then it’s going to be perfect for you.

Again the consistency is perfect but the hold this product gives, really packs the punch.

No matter what product I use in my hair I always finish off with a ridiculous amount of hairspray, however on a couple of occasions I applied just the dry shaper alone and was shocked that it managed to survive a whole day, including a sweaty gym session, without my hair slipping out of place.

Holding Power: 5/5

Shine: 0/5

Smell Rating: 3/5

Price: £8.45

IMG_2830 RT.jpg

4. Head shot; gel spray

 This was the first product I actually tried out and I’ve been reaching for it ever since.

As I said before I always finish off with a shed load of hair spray, but because hairspray tends to take a couple of minutes to dry, my hair tends to fall out of place and means that I then have to comb through it once the hairspray semi-sets to get my hair back in to place.

When I used this the first time I sprayed it directly in to my hair which I learnt was definitely not the way to use it, because, like with most gel sprays I’ve used it sprays out quite aggressively.

Instead I started to spray a small amount in to my hands and then run my hands through my hair and would definitely recommend applying it like this.

Spraying it in to my hand meant that I got a nice even application without my hair getting messed up whilst doing so. Also because it sets so quickly I could literally rub my hands through my hair and then leave the house.

Holding Power: 4/5

Shine: 3/5

Smell Rating: 3/5

Price: £8.95

IMG_2879 RT.jpg

The full range is available at


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